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Estimating the Error Variance in a High-Dimensional Linear Model

getLam_olassoGet the two (theoretical) values of lambdas used in the...
getLam_slassoGet the two (theoretical) values of lambdas used in scaled...
make_sparse_modelGenerate sparse linear model and random samples
naturalnatural: Natural and Organic lasso estimates of error...
nlasso_cvCross-validation for natural lasso
nlasso_pathFit a linear model with natural lasso
olassoError standard deviation estimation using organic lasso
olasso_cvCross-validation for organic lasso
olasso_pathFit a linear model with organic lasso
olasso_slowSolve organic lasso problem with a single value of lambda The...
plot.natural.cvplot a object
plot.natural.pathplot a natural.path object
print.natural.pathprint a natural.path object
standardizeStandardize the n -by- p design matrix X to have column means...
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