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Regression with NA Values in Unordered Factors

anova.nauf.merModType III anovas for mixed effects 'nauf' models.
as.shinystan-nauf.pmm.list-methodCreate a shinystan object for posterior marginal means from...
as.shinystan-nauf.stanreg-methodCreate a shinystan object from a nauf.stanreg model.
fricativesCatalan and Spanish intervocalic alveolar fricatives.
nauf_contrastsNot applicable unordered factor contrasts.
nauf_glFormulaCreate a model frame and fixed and random effects model...
nauf_glmFit a fixed effects regression using 'nauf' contrasts.
nauf_glmerFit a mixed effects regression using 'nauf' contrasts.
nauf_kfoldCross-validation for 'nauf.stanreg' models.
nauf.merModClass for fitted mixed effects models with 'nauf' contrasts.
nauf_model.frameCreate a model frame using 'nauf' contrasts.
nauf_model.matrixCreate a fixed effects model matrix using 'nauf' contrasts.
nauf-packageRegression with NA values in unordered factors.
nauf-pmmeansPredicted marginal means for 'nauf' models.
nauf.pmm.listList of predicted marginal means objects for 'nauf' models.
nauf.pmm.stanPosterior samples of marginal means from Bayesian 'nauf'...
nauf_stan_glmFit a Bayesian fixed effects regression with 'nauf'...
nauf_stan_glmerFit a Bayesian mixed effects regression with 'nauf'...
nauf.stanregClass for fitted Bayesian models with 'nauf' contrasts.
nauf.termsClass for 'terms' objects which contain information about...
plosivesSpanish intervocalic plosives.
predict.nauf.merModPredictions from a mixed effects 'nauf' model at new data...
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