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When nauf_model.frame is called, a nauf.frame is returned, and this object's terms attribute has the (S3) class nauf.terms. The nauf.terms object has an attribute which contains all of the information necessary to implement nauf_contrasts in regression.


The attribute is a list with the following elements:


The formula argument to nauf_model.frame with double-bars expanded.


The name of the response variable.


A named list of random effects grouping factor levels.


A named list with an elment for each unordered factor. Each of these elements is a list of character vectors indicating the names of the levels that correspond to the elment's number's set of contrasts; i.e. the first element represents the main effect contrasts for the factor, the second element (if present) represents .c2. contrasts, and so on (see nauf_contrasts).


A named list with an element for each ordered factor containing its levels and contrasts.


A named list with an element for each numeric vector variable containing the variables' means.


A named list with an element for each matrix variable containing the variables' colmun means.


A character vector giving the names of offsets, weights, mustart, etc.


A list of contrast changes required as described in nauf_contrasts. The first element is a list of the changes required for the fixed effects. If the model has random effects, then there is an additional element for each element of the list returned by findbars. Each element of cc is a named list indicating which contrasts in the uf element of should be used.


A named logical vector with an entry for each variable indicating whether nor not the variable contains NA values.


The ncs_scale argument from the call to nauf_model.frame.

See Also

nauf_contrasts and nauf_model.frame.

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