ncdf4.helpers: Helper functions for use with the ncdf4 package

This package contains a collection of helper functions for dealing with NetCDF files opened using ncdf4.

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AuthorDavid Bronaugh <> for the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium (PCIC)
Date of publication2014-02-21 06:07:27
MaintainerDavid Bronaugh <>

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Man pages


get.cluster.worker.subsets Man page
get.f.step.size Man page
get.split.filename.cmip5 Man page Man page
nc.copy.atts Man page
ncdf4.helpers Man page
ncdf4.helpers-package Man page
nc.get.climatology.bounds.var.list Man page
nc.get.compress.dims Man page
nc.get.coordinate.axes Man page
nc.get.dim.axes Man page
nc.get.dim.axes.from.names Man page
nc.get.dim.bounds.var.list Man page
nc.get.dim.for.axis Man page
nc.get.dim.names Man page
nc.get.proj4.string Man page
nc.get.time.multiplier Man page
nc.get.time.series Man page
nc.get.variable.list Man page Man page Man page
nc.make.time.bounds Man page Man page

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