ncf: Spatial Nonparametric Covariance Functions

R functions for analyzing spatial (cross-)covariance: the nonparametric (cross-)covariance, the spline correlogram, the nonparametric phase coherence function, and related.

AuthorOttar N. Bjornstad <>
Date of publication2016-04-13 09:28:18
MaintainerOttar N. Bjornstad <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

cc.offset: function to calculate the distance at which the...

cor2: Utility function

correlog: Uni- and multivariate spatial correlograms Non-cenetered spatial (cross-)correlogram

ff.filter: Fourier filter for c'fns

gcdist: Greater circle distance

lbm: Spatio-temporal data panel of Larch Budmoth defoliation

lisa: Local inidcator of spatial association Non-centered inidcators of spatial association

mantel.correlog: Mantel (cross-)correlograms

mantel.test: Mantel Test

mSynch: the mean (cross-)correlation (with bootstrapp CI) for a panel...

partial.mantel.test: Partial Mantel test Plots the cc.offset summary of the anisotropic spatial...

plot.correlog: Plots spatial correlograms

plot.lisa: Plots local indicators of spatial association Plots multivariate local indicators of spatial association

plot.Sncf: Plots nonparametric spatial correlation-functions

plot.Sncf2D: Plots anisotropic spatial correlation-functions

plot.Sncf.cov: Plots nonparametric spatial covariance-functions

plot.spline.correlog: Plots spline correlograms

print.mSynch: Print function for mSynch objects Simulate spatial data

Sncf: Nonparametric (cross-)correlation function for...

Sncf2D: Anisotropic nonparametric (cross-)correlation function for...

Sncf.srf: Nonparametric (Cross-)Covariance Function from stationary...

spatial.plot: Simple wrapper around symbols to visualize spatial data

spline.correlog: Uni- and multivariate spline correlograms

spline.correlog.2D: Anisotropic nonparametric (cross-)correlation function for...

summary.Sncf: Summarizing nonparametric spatial correlation-functions

summary.Sncf2D: Summarizing anisotropic spatial correlation-functions

summary.spline.correlog: Summarizing spline correlograms

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