ncf: Spatial Nonparametric Covariance Functions

R functions for analyzing spatial (cross-)covariance: the nonparametric (cross-)covariance, the spline correlogram, the nonparametric phase coherence function, and related.

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AuthorOttar N. Bjornstad <>
Date of publication2016-04-13 09:28:18
MaintainerOttar N. Bjornstad <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

cc.offset: function to calculate the distance at which the...

cor2: Utility function

correlog: Uni- and multivariate spatial correlograms Non-cenetered spatial (cross-)correlogram

ff.filter: Fourier filter for c'fns

gcdist: Greater circle distance

lbm: Spatio-temporal data panel of Larch Budmoth defoliation

lisa: Local inidcator of spatial association Non-centered inidcators of spatial association

mantel.correlog: Mantel (cross-)correlograms

mantel.test: Mantel Test

mSynch: the mean (cross-)correlation (with bootstrapp CI) for a panel...

partial.mantel.test: Partial Mantel test Plots the cc.offset summary of the anisotropic spatial...

plot.correlog: Plots spatial correlograms

plot.lisa: Plots local indicators of spatial association Plots multivariate local indicators of spatial association

plot.Sncf: Plots nonparametric spatial correlation-functions

plot.Sncf2D: Plots anisotropic spatial correlation-functions

plot.Sncf.cov: Plots nonparametric spatial covariance-functions

plot.spline.correlog: Plots spline correlograms

print.mSynch: Print function for mSynch objects Simulate spatial data

Sncf: Nonparametric (cross-)correlation function for...

Sncf2D: Anisotropic nonparametric (cross-)correlation function for...

Sncf.srf: Nonparametric (Cross-)Covariance Function from stationary...

spatial.plot: Simple wrapper around symbols to visualize spatial data

spline.correlog: Uni- and multivariate spline correlograms

spline.correlog.2D: Anisotropic nonparametric (cross-)correlation function for...

summary.Sncf: Summarizing nonparametric spatial correlation-functions

summary.Sncf2D: Summarizing anisotropic spatial correlation-functions

summary.spline.correlog: Summarizing spline correlograms


cc.offset Man page
cor2 Man page
correlog Man page Man page
ff.filter Man page
gcdist Man page
lbm Man page
lisa Man page Man page
mantel.correlog Man page
mantel.test Man page
mSynch Man page
partial.mantel.test Man page Man page
plot.correlog Man page
plot.lisa Man page Man page
plot.Sncf Man page
plot.Sncf2D Man page
plot.Sncf.cov Man page
plot.spline.correlog Man page
print.mSynch Man page Man page
Sncf Man page
Sncf2D Man page
Sncf.srf Man page
spatial.plot Man page
spline.correlog Man page
spline.correlog.2D Man page
summary.Sncf Man page
summary.Sncf2D Man page
summary.spline.correlog Man page

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