Man pages for ncf
Spatial Covariance Functions

cc.offsetFunction to calculate the distance at which the...
circ.cor2Circular correlation
cor2Utility function
correlogUni- and multivariate spatial correlograms
correlog.ncNon-centered spatial (cross-)correlogram
ff.filterFourier filter for correlation functions.
gatherUtility function
gcdistGreat-circle distance
lbmSpatio-temporal data panel of Larch Budmoth defoliation
lisaLocal indicator of spatial association
lisa.ncNon-centered indicators of spatial association
mantel.correlogMantel (cross-)correlograms
mantel.testMantel Test
mSynchThe mean (cross-)correlation (with bootstrapp CI) for a panel...
partial.mantel.testPartial Mantel test the cc.offset summary of the anisotropic spatial...
plot.correlogPlots spatial correlograms
plot.lisaPlots local indicators of spatial association
plot.SncfPlots nonparametric spatial correlation-functions
plot.Sncf2DPlots anisotropic spatial correlation-functions
plot.Sncf.covPlots nonparametric spatial covariance-functions
plot.spline.correlogPlots a spline correlogram
print.mSynchPrint function for mSynch objects
print.SncfPrint function for Sncf objects
print.Sncf2DPrint function for Sncf2D objects
print.spline.correlogPrint function for spline.correlog objects
rmvn.spaSimulate spatially correlated data
SncfNonparametric (cross-)correlation function for...
Sncf2DAnisotropic nonparametric (cross-)correlation function for...
Sncf.srfNonparametric (Cross-)Covariance Function from stationary...
spatial.plotSimple wrapper around symbols to visualize spatial data
spline.correlogUni- and multivariate spline correlograms
spline.correlog2DAnisotropic nonparametric (cross-)correlation function for...
summary.SncfSummarizing nonparametric spatial correlation-functions
summary.Sncf2DSummarizing anisotropic spatial correlation-functions
summary.spline.correlogSummarizing spline correlograms
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