Man pages for ncpen
Unified Algorithm for Non-convex Penalized Estimation for Generalized Linear Models extracts the optimal coefficients from...
coef.ncpencoef.ncpen: extract the coefficients from an 'ncpen' object
control.ncpencontrol.ncpen: do preliminary works for 'ncpen'.
cv.ncpencv.ncpen: cross validation for 'ncpen'
cv.ncpen.regcv.ncpen: cross validation for 'ncpen'
excludedCheck whether a pair should be excluded from interactions. extracts fold ids for 'cv.ncpen'.
gic.ncpengic.ncpen: compute the generalized information criterion...
interact.dataConstruct Interaction Matrix
make.ncpen.dataCreate ncpen Data Structure Using a Formula
native_cpp_ncpen_fun_Native ncpen function.
native_cpp_obj_fun_Native object function.
native_cpp_obj_grad_fun_Native object gradient function.
native_cpp_obj_hess_fun_Native object Hessian function.
native_cpp_pen_fun_Native Penalty function.
native_cpp_pen_grad_fun_Native Penalty Gradient function.
native_cpp_p_ncpen_fun_Native point ncpen function.
native_cpp_qlasso_fun_Native QLASSO function.
ncpenncpen: nonconvex penalized estimation
ncpen-packagencpen: A package for non-convex penalized estimation for...
ncpen.regncpen.reg: nonconvex penalized estimation plot cross-validation error curve.
plot.ncpenplot.ncpen: plots coefficients from an 'ncpen' object.
power.dataPower Data
predict.ncpenpredict.ncpen: make predictions from an 'ncpen' object
same.baseCheck whether column names are derivation of a same base.
sam.gen.ncpensam.gen.ncpen: generate a simulated dataset.
to.indicatorsConstruct Indicator Matrix
to.ncpen.x.matConvert a 'data.frame' to a 'ncpen' usable 'matrix'.
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