Man pages for ncvreg
Regularization Paths for SCAD and MCP Penalized Regression Models

aucCalculates AUC for cv.ncvsurv objects
cv-ncvregCross-validation for ncvreg/ncvsurv
deprecatedMarginal false discovery rates
HeartRisk factors associated with heart disease
local_mfdrEstimate local mFDR for all features
LungVA lung cancer data set
mfdrMarginal false discovery rates
ncvfitDirect interface for nonconvex penalized regression...
ncvregFit an MCP- or SCAD-penalized regression path
ncvreg-internalInternal ncvreg functions
ncvreg-packageRegularization paths for SCAD- and MCP-penalized regression...
ncvsurvFit an MCP- or SCAD-penalized survival model
perm-ncvregPermutation fitting for ncvreg
permresPermute residuals for a fitted ncvreg model
plot-cv-ncvregPlots the cross-validation curve from a cv.ncvreg object
plot-mfdrPlot marginal false discovery rate curves
plot-ncvregPlot coefficients from a ncvreg object
plot-ncvsurv-funcPlot survival curve for ncvsurv model
predictModel predictions based on a fitted ncvreg object.
predict-ncvsurvModel predictions based on a fitted "ncvsurv" object.
ProstateFactors associated with prostate specific antigen
stdStandardizes a design matrix
summary-cv-ncvregSummarizing cross-validation-based inference
summary-ncvregSummary method for ncvreg objects
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