nearfar-package: Near-Far Matching

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Near-far matching is a study design technique for preprocessing observational data to mimic a pair-randomized trial. Individuals are matched to be near on measured confounders and far on levels of an instrumental variable.


Package: nearfar
Type: Package
Version: 1.1
Date: 2017-06-01
License: GPL-3


Joseph Rigdon [email protected]


Rigdon J, Baiocchi M, Basu S (2017). Near-far matching in R: The nearfar package. Submitted to the Journal of Statistical Software.

Baiocchi M, Small D, Lorch S, Rosenbaum P (2010). Building a stronger instrument in an observational study of perinatal care for premature infants. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 105(492), 1285-1296.

Baiocchi M, Small D, Yang L, Polsky D, Groeneveld P (2012). Near-far matching: a study design approach to instrumental variables. Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology, 12(4), 237-253.

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