get_sites.numeric: Get Site Information for Fossil Sites

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Get Site Information for Fossil Sites


Get Site Information for Fossil Sites


## S3 method for class 'numeric'
get_sites(x, ...)



The numeric site ID from Neotoma


accepted arguments if numeric all_data


The function returns either a single item of class "try-error" describing the reason for failure (either misdefined parameters or an error from the Neotoma API), or a table of sites, with rows corresponding to the number of individual sites returned by the Neotoma API. Each "site" object contains 6 parameters that can be accessed as well: siteid, sitename, location, altitude, description, limited collection units information.

  • loc An sf object that describes site's location.

  • collunits limited information on collunits


## Find all sites by numeric siteid:
sites <- get_sites(seq(1,3))

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