collinear: Filter to reduce collinearity in predictors

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Filter to reduce collinearity in predictors


This function identifies predictors with r^2 above a given cut-off and produces an index of predictors to be removed. The function takes a matrix or data.frame of predictors, and the columns need to be ordered in terms of importance - first column of any pair that are correlated is retained and subsequent columns which correlate above the cut-off are flagged for removal.


collinear(x, rsq_cutoff = 0.9, verbose = FALSE)



A matrix or data.frame of values. The order of columns is used to determine which columns to retain, so the columns in x should be sorted with the most important columns first.


Value of cut-off for r-squared


Boolean whether to print details


Integer vector of the indices of columns in x to remove due to collinearity

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