Man pages for netSEM
Network Structural Equation Modeling

acrylicA data frame of an acrylic polymer degradation experiment
backsheetBacksheet PET/PET/EVA Degradation
crackCrack Quantification for Photovoltaic Backsheets
genInitGenerate initial values for nls function
IVfeatureIV features data
metalAluminum Gradient Material for Metal's Design
netSEMp1network Structural Equation Modeling (netSEM)
netSEMp2network Structural Equation Modelling (netSEM) - Principle 2
netSEM-packagenetSEM: Network Structural Equation Modeling
pathExtract Path Model Equation
pathwayPredictSummary of predicted and observed response values along a...
pathwayRMSESummary of pathway RMSE
petA data frame of an degradation experiment of...
plot.netSEMp1Plotting of netSEM diagram
plot.netSEMp2Plotting of netSEM diagram
PVmoduleDataframe for PV module degradation under Damp Heat Exposure
summary.netSEMp1Summary of netSEMp1
summary.netSEMp2Summary of netSEMp2
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