Man pages for netrankr
Analyzing Partial Rankings in Networks

aggregate_positionsQuantification of (indirect) relations
approx_rank_expectedApproximation of expected ranks
approx_rank_relativeApproximation of relative rank probabilities
comparable_pairsComparable pairs in a partial ranking
compare_ranksCount occurrences of pairs in rankings
dominance_graphPartial ranking as directed graph
exact_rank_probProbabilistic centrality rankings
florentine_mFlorentine family marriage network
get_rankingsRankings that extend a partial ranking
hyperbolic_indexHyperbolic (centrality) index
index_builderCentrality Index Builder
indirect_relationsIndirect relations in a network
is_preservedCheck preservation
majorization_gapMajorization gap
mcmc_rank_probEstimate rank probabilities with Markov Chains
neighborhood_inclusionNeighborhood-inclusion preorder
netrankrnetrankr: An R package for centrality and partial rankings in...
plot_rank_intervalsPlot rank intervals
positional_dominanceGeneralized Dominance in Graphs
rank_intervalsRank interval of nodes
spectral_gapSpectral gap of a graph
threshold_graphRandom threshold graphs
transform_relationsTransform indirect relations
transitive_reductionTransitive Reduction
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