Man pages for nflfastR
Functions to Efficiently Access NFL Play by Play Data

add_qb_epaCompute QB epa
add_xpassAdd expected pass columns
add_xyacAdd expected yards after completion (xyac) variables
build_nflfastR_pbpBuild a Complete nflfastR Data Set
calculate_expected_pointsCompute expected points
calculate_player_statsGet Official Game Stats
calculate_standingsCompute Division Standings and Conference Seeds from Play by...
calculate_win_probabilityCompute win probability
clean_pbpClean Play by Play Data
decode_player_idsDecode the player IDs in nflfastR play-by-play data
fast_scraperGet NFL Play by Play Data
fast_scraper_rosterLoad Team Rosters for Multiple Seasons
fast_scraper_schedulesLoad NFL Season Schedules
field_descriptionsnflfastR Field Descriptions
load_pbpLoad Play By Play
load_player_statsLoad Player Level Weekly Stats
nflfastR-packagenflfastR: Functions to Efficiently Access NFL Play by Play...
reportGet a Situation Report on System, nflverse Package Versions...
stat_idsNFL Stat IDs and their Meanings
teams_colors_logosNFL Team names, colors and logo urls.
update_dbUpdate or Create a nflfastR Play-by-Play Database
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