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Compute Division Standings and Conference Seeds from Play by Play


This function calculates division standings as well as playoff seeds per conference based on either nflverse play-by-play data or nflverse schedule data.


  tiebreaker_depth = 3,
  playoff_seeds = NULL



Data object of class nflverse_data. Either schedules as returned by fast_scraper_schedules() or nflreadr::load_schedules(). Or play-by-play data as returned by load_pbp(), build_nflfastR_pbp(), or fast_scraper().


A single value equal to 1, 2, or 3. The default is 3. The value controls the depth of tiebreakers that shall be applied. The deepest currently implemented tiebreaker is strength of schedule. The following values are valid:

tiebreaker_depth = 1

Break all ties with a coinflip. Fastest variant.

tiebreaker_depth = 2

Apply head-to-head and division win percentage tiebreakers. Random if still tied.

tiebreaker_depth = 3

Apply all tiebreakers through strength of schedule. Random if still tied.


Number of playoff teams per conference. If NULL (the default), the function will try to split nflverse_object into seasons prior 2020 (6 seeds) and 2020ff (7 seeds). If set to a numeric, it will be used for all seasons in nflverse_object!


A tibble with NFL regular season standings


try({# to avoid CRAN test problems
  # load nflverse data both schedules and pbp
  scheds <- fast_scraper_schedules(2014)
  pbp <- load_pbp(c(2018, 2021))

  # calculate standings based on pbp

  # calculate standings based on schedules

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