Man pages for ngspatial
Fitting the Centered Autologistic and Sparse Spatial Generalized Linear Mixed Models for Areal Data

AAdjacency matrix for the infant mortality data.
adjacency.matrixReturn an adjacency matrix for a square lattice.
autologisticFit a centered autologistic model using maximum...
infantInfant mortality data.
negbinomialFamily function for negative binomial GLMs.
rautologisticReturn a perfect sample from a centered autologistic model.
residuals.autologisticExtract model residuals.
residuals.sparse.sglmmExtract model residuals.
sparse.sglmmFit a sparse SGLMM.
summary.autologisticPrint a summary of a centered autologistic model fit.
summary.sparse.sglmmPrint a summary of a sparse SGLMM fit.
vcov.autologisticReturn the estimated covariance matrix for an 'autologistic'...
vcov.sparse.sglmmReturn the covariance matrix of the regression parameters of...
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