Man pages for nhanesA
NHANES Data Retrieval

browseNHANESOpen a browser to NHANES.
nhanesDownload an NHANES table and return as a data frame.
nhanesAttrReturns the attributes of an NHANES data table.
nhanesDXAImport Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) data.
nhanesSearchPerform a search over the comprehensive NHANES variable list.
nhanesSearchTableNamesSearch for matching table names
nhanesSearchVarNameSearch for tables that contain a specified variable.
nhanesTablesReturns a list of table names for the specified survey group.
nhanesTableVarsDisplays a list of variables in the specified NHANES table.
nhanesTranslateDisplay code translation information for the specified table.
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