Man pages for nodiv
Compares the Distribution of Sister Clades Through a Phylogeny

add_shapeAdd a shapefile to a 'nodiv' data object
add_sitestatSite statistics of 'nodiv' data objects
add_species_statSpecies statistics of 'nodiv' data objects
basal_nodeIdentify nodes in a phylogeny
coquettesDistribution of coquette hummingbirds in Northern South...
distrib_dataData objects for node-based analysis
gridDataApply a grid (2D bins) to nodiv objects of type 'points'
Node_analysisCalculate GND and SOS scores for a phylogeny and community...
NodesigCompare the distributions of a pair of sister clades
Node_sizeAttributes of individual clades
nodiv-packagenodiv - Node-based analysis of species distributions
NspeciesBasic attributes of 'distrib_data' objects
occurrencesAccess functions to the community matrix of 'distrib_data'...
phyplotPlot Phylogenies
plot_nodes_phyloPlot a phylogeny with colored node labels
plot_pointsPlot a variable on spatial points or a spatial grid using a...
plot_richnessPlot a richness map for an object of type distrib_data,...
plotSOSGives the SOS values for a given node.
subsampleSubsampling data objects to certain species or sites
two_color_mapPlot the relative amounts of two variables using a...
update_objectUpdate 'distrib_data' objects to the 'nodiv' version >= 1.1...
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