normalp: Routines for Exponential Power Distribution

Collection of utilities referred to Exponential Power distribution, also known as General Error Distribution (see Mineo, A.M. and Ruggieri, M. (2005), A software Tool for the Exponential Power Distribution: The normalp package. In Journal of Statistical Software, Vol. 12, Issue 4)

AuthorAngelo M. Mineo <>
Date of publication2014-12-09 10:33:49
MaintainerAngelo M. Mineo <>

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dnormp Man page
estimatep Man page
graphnp Man page
kurtosis Man page
lmp Man page
lmp.default Man page
normalp-package Man page
paramp Man page
paramp.default Man page
plot.lmp Man page
plot.simul.lmp Man page Man page
pnormp Man page
print.paramp Man page Man page
print.summary.lmp Man page
print.summary.simul.lmp Man page
qnormp Man page
qqlinep Man page
qqnormp Man page
qqnormp.default Man page
rnormp Man page
simul.lmp Man page Man page Man page
summary.lmp Man page
summary.simul.lmp Man page

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