npsm: Package for Nonparametric Statistical Methods using R

Functions and datasets used in the book Nonparametric Statistical Methods Using R.

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AuthorJohn Kloke, Joseph McKean
Date of publication2014-11-07 01:02:03
MaintainerJohn Kloke <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

aligned.test: Aligned Rank Test

bb2010: Batting statistics for the 2010 baseball season.

blood.plasma: Blood plasma measurements related to total triglyceride level

cancertrt: Survival time based on two treatments

centerx: Center Matrix

cloud: Cloud Dewpoint Confidence interval for a correlation based on a bootstrap.

energy: Energy as a Function of temperature difference.

firstbase: Rounding First Base.

fkk.test: k-Sample version of the Fligner-Kileen test for homogeneous...

fk.test: Two-sample Fligner-Kileen test for homogeneous scales.

fp.test: Placement Test for the Behrens-Fisher problem.

gehan.test: Gehan generalization the Wilcoxon two-sample test

getxact: Design Function for Robust Analysis of Covariance

getxact2: Design Function for Robust Analysis of Covariance

hemorrhage: Hemorrhage data from Dupont.

hodgkins: Relapse-Free Survival Times for Hodgkin's Disease Patients

HoggsQs: Hogg's Q1 and Q2.

hogg.test: Hogg's Adaptive Test

huitema496: Analysis of Covarince Data Set

insulation: Insulating Fluid Data

internal: Internal functions not intended for general use.

jonckheere: Jonckheere's Test for Ordered Alternatives

kancova: Robust Analysis of Covariance under Heterogeneous Slopes for...

kancovarown: routine used in the ANCOVA table obtained by kancova

latour: Chateau Latour Wine Data

onecova: Robust Analysis of Covariance under Heterogeneous Slopes

onecovaheter: Robust Analysis of Covariance under Heterogeneous Slopes

onecovahomog: Robust Analysis of Covariance under Heterogeneous Slopes

place: Placements.

plank: Plank data

poly: A Simulated Polynomial Data Set.

polydeg: Degree of Polynomial Determination

print: Internal print functions

prostate: DES for treatment of prostate cancer.

qhic: qhic

quail2: Quail from a two-factor experiment.

rank.test: General scores rank test for two sample problem

rcn: random contaminated normal deviates

rs: Simulated Regression Model

SCUD: Cyclone Data

sievers: Doksum and Sievers rat data

simon: Simon (the memory game) dataset

sincos: Sine Cosine Model

speed: Predict top speed based on miles per gallon

vanElteren.test: vanElteren test for stratified analysis

weather: January Weather Data for Kalamazoo


aligned.test Man page
bb2010 Man page
blood.plasma Man page
cancertrt Man page
centerx Man page
cloud Man page Man page
energy Man page
firstbase Man page
fkk.test Man page
fk.test Man page
fp.test Man page
gehan.test Man page
getxact Man page
getxact2 Man page
hemorrhage Man page
hodgkins Man page
hogg.test Man page
huitema496 Man page
insulation Man page
jonckheere Man page
kancova Man page
kancovarown Man page
latour Man page
lmean Man page
onecova Man page
onecovaheter Man page
onecovahomog Man page
place Man page
plank Man page
poly Man page
polydeg Man page
print.fkk.test Man page
print.hogg.test Man page
print.rank.test Man page
prostate Man page
Q1 Man page
Q2 Man page
qhic Man page
quail2 Man page
rank.test Man page
rcn Man page
rs Man page
SCUD Man page
sievers Man page
simon Man page
sincos Man page
speed Man page
umean Man page
vanElteren.test Man page
weather Man page

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