Man pages for npsm
Package for Nonparametric Statistical Methods using R

aligned.testAligned Rank Test
bb2010Batting statistics for the 2010 baseball season.
blood.plasmaBlood plasma measurements related to total triglyceride level
cancertrtSurvival time based on two treatments
centerxCenter Matrix
cloudCloud Dewpoint
cor.boot.ciConfidence interval for a correlation based on a bootstrap.
energyEnergy as a Function of temperature difference.
firstbaseRounding First Base.
fkk.testk-Sample version of the Fligner-Kileen test for homogeneous...
fk.testTwo-sample Fligner-Kileen test for homogeneous scales.
fp.testPlacement Test for the Behrens-Fisher problem.
gehan.testGehan generalization the Wilcoxon two-sample test
getxactDesign Function for Robust Analysis of Covariance
getxact2Design Function for Robust Analysis of Covariance
hemorrhageHemorrhage data from Dupont.
hodgkinsRelapse-Free Survival Times for Hodgkin's Disease Patients
HoggsQsHogg's Q1 and Q2.
hogg.testHogg's Adaptive Test
huitema496Analysis of Covarince Data Set
insulationInsulating Fluid Data
internalInternal functions not intended for general use.
jonckheereJonckheere's Test for Ordered Alternatives
kancovaRobust Analysis of Covariance under Heterogeneous Slopes for...
kancovarownroutine used in the ANCOVA table obtained by kancova
latourChateau Latour Wine Data
onecovaRobust Analysis of Covariance under Heterogeneous Slopes
onecovaheterRobust Analysis of Covariance under Heterogeneous Slopes
onecovahomogRobust Analysis of Covariance under Heterogeneous Slopes
plankPlank data
polyA Simulated Polynomial Data Set.
polydegDegree of Polynomial Determination
printInternal print functions
prostateDES for treatment of prostate cancer.
quail2Quail from a two-factor experiment.
rank.testGeneral scores rank test for two sample problem
rcnrandom contaminated normal deviates
rsSimulated Regression Model
SCUDCyclone Data
sieversDoksum and Sievers rat data
simonSimon (the memory game) dataset
sincosSine Cosine Model
speedPredict top speed based on miles per gallon
vanElteren.testvanElteren test for stratified analysis
weatherJanuary Weather Data for Kalamazoo
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