Man pages for npsp
Nonparametric Spatial Statistics

aquiferWolfcamp aquifer data methods
as.spConvert npsp object to sp object
bin.denLinear binning for density estimation
binningLinear binning
coords(spatial) coordinates
coordvaluesCoordinate values
covarCovariance values
cpu.timeTotal and partial CPU time used
data.gridGridded data (S3 class "data.grid")
disc.sbDiscretization nodes of a Shapiro-Botha variogram model
earthquakesEarthquake data an isotropic Shapiro-Botha variogram model
grid.parGrid parameters (S3 class "grid.par")
h.cvCross-validation methods for bandwidth selection
interpFast linear interpolation of a regular grid
kappasbCoefficients of an extended Shapiro-Botha variogram model
locpolLocal polynomial estimation
maskMask methods
np.denLocal polynomial density estimation
np.fitgeoFit a nonparametric geostatistical model
np.geoNonparametric geostatistical model (S3 class "np.geo")
np.krigingNonparametric (residual) kriging
npsp-geoRInterface to package "geoR"
npsp-gstatInterface to package "gstat"
npsp-internalsnpsp internal and secondary functions
npsp-packagenpsp: Nonparametric spatial (geo)statistics
npsp.tolerancenpsp Tolerances
np.svarLocal polynomial estimation of the semivariogram
plot.fitgeoPlot a nonparametric geostatistical model
precipitationPrecipitation data
rgraphicsR Graphics for gridded data
rulenpsp Rules
scattersplotExploratory scatter plots
simageImage plot with a color scale
sperspPerspective plot with a color scale
splotUtilities for plotting with a color scale
spointsScatter plot with a color scale
svEvaluate a semivariogram model
svar.binLinear binning of semivariances
svar.gridDiscretize a (semi)variogram model
svarmodDefine a (semi)variogram model
svar.plotPlot a semivariogram object
varcovCovariance matrix
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