nullabor: Tools for Graphical Inference

Tools for visual inference. Generate null data sets and null plots using permutation and simulation. Calculate distance metrics for a lineup, and examine the distributions of metrics.

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AuthorHadley Wickham <>, Niladri Roy Chowdhury <>, Di Cook <>
Date of publication2014-12-17 17:57:32
MaintainerDi Cook <>

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add_true Man page
bin_dist Man page
box_dist Man page
calc_diff Man page
calc_mean_dist Man page
decrypt Man page
distmet Man page
distplot Man page
find_plot_data Man page
lal Man page
lineup Man page
null_dist Man page
null_gen Man page
null_lm Man page
null_permute Man page
opt_bin_diff Man page
reg_dist Man page
resid_boot Man page
resid_pboot Man page
resid_rotate Man page
resid_sigma Man page
rorschach Man page
sep_dist Man page
uni_dist Man page

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