Man pages for nullabor
Tools for Graphical Inference

add_trueAdd true data into data frame containing null data sets.
audConversion rate of 1 Australian Doller (AUD) to 1 US Dollar
bin_distBinned Distance
box_distDistance based on side by side Boxplots
calc_diffCalculating the difference between true plot and the null...
calc_mean_distCalculating the mean distances of each plot in the lineup.
decryptUse decrypt to reveal the position of the real data.
distmetEmpirical distribution of the distance
distplotPlotting the distribution of the distance measure
electoralPolls and election results from the 2012 US Election
find_plot_dataFind plot data. If data is not specified, this function will...
lalLos Angeles Lakers play-by-play data.
lineupThe line-up protocol.
null_distGenerate null data with a specific distribution.
null_genComputing th distance for the null plots
null_lmGenerate null data with null residuals from a model.
null_permuteGenerate null data by permuting a variable.
null_tsGenerate null data by simulating from a time series model.
opt_bin_diffFinds the number of bins in x and y direction which gives the...
pvisualP-value calculations.
reg_distDistance based on the regression parameters
resid_bootBootstrap residuals.
resid_pbootParametric bootstrap residuals.
resid_rotateRotation residuals.
resid_sigmaResiduals simulated by a normal model, with specified sigma
rorschachThe Rorschach protocol.
sep_distDistance based on separation of clusters
turk_resultsSample turk results
uni_distDistance for univariate data
visual_powerPower calculations.
waspsWasp gene expression data.
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