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Oxycline Index from Matrix Echograms

colPaletteDefault color palette most using on acostic echograms.
createFilterSettingCreate filter-settings Object.
defaultFilterSettingsDefault set of filter parameters.
echogramPlotPlot a matrix of a filtered echogram.
echogramPlot.echoDataechogramPlot method for echoData
echogramPlot.oxyclineDataechogramPlot method for oxyclineData
getOxyrangeTakes a matrix of echogram and calculate Oxycline.
oXim-packageOxycline Index from Matrix Echograms
plot.echoDataPlot method for echoData Objects.
plot.oxyclineDataPlot method for oxyclineData
print.echoDataPrint method for echoData Objects.
print.oxyclineDataPrint method for oxyclineData Objects.
print.summary.echoDataPrint method for summary.echoData
print.summary.oxyclineDataPrint method for summary.oxyclineData
readEchogramsTakes outputs from Echopen and generates a matrix to...
summary.echoDataSummary method for echoData
summary.oxyclineDataSummary method for oxyclineData Objects.
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