ocean: Biophysical Oceanography Tools

This package contains a set of functions for manipulating and visualizing output from numerical ocean models. Many of the routines are targeted towards Lagrangian particle-tracking models with the data stored in NetCDF files. This package may be useful to spatial marine ecologists and biological or physical oceanographers.

AuthorBenjamin Jones [aut, cre]
Date of publication2014-05-01 07:44:59
MaintainerBenjamin Jones <btjones16@gmail.com>

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bathy.colors Man page
filter2d Man page
find.elem Man page
find.elem,fvcom.grid-method Man page
fvcom.grid Man page
fvcom.grid-class Man page
get.depth Man page
get.depth,fvcom.grid-method Man page
get.elems Man page
get.elems,fvcom.grid-method Man page
get.nelems Man page
get.nelems,fvcom.grid-method Man page
get.nnodes Man page
get.nnodes,fvcom.grid-method Man page
get.nodes Man page
get.nodes,fvcom.grid-method Man page
get.proj Man page
get.proj,fvcom.grid-method Man page
image Man page
image,fvcom.grid-method Man page
interp Man page
interp,fvcom.grid-method Man page
is.in.grid Man page
is.in.grid,fvcom.grid-method Man page
jet.colors Man page
lines Man page
lines,fvcom.grid-method Man page
loadFVCOMGrid27 Man page
ocean.demo.grid Man page
pdd Man page
pdd,fvcom.grid-method Man page
validFVCOMGrid Man page

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