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Biophysical Oceanography Tools

bathy.colorsGenerate a sequence of colors for plotting bathymetric data.
filter2dApplies a 2d Gaussian filter to 'mat' with a standard...
find.elem-methodsChecks if the points (xy$x, xy$y) are in the 'fvcom.grid'...
fvcom.gridCreate a new FVCOM grid instance from a FVCOM NetCDF output...
fvcom.grid-classFinite Volume Community Ocean Model grid
get.depth-methodsGet the depth at each node in the grid.
get.elems-methodsGet the indices of the element vertices in the grid.
get.nelems-methodsGet the number of elements in the grid.
get.nnodes-methodsGet the number of nodes in the grid.
get.nodes-methodsGet the values of the nodes in the grid.
get.proj-methodsGet the value of the projection string.
image-methodsPlot a 'fvcom.grid' instance as a heatmap.
interp-methodsConvert a single scalar or node based quantity to element... if the points (xy$x, xy$y) are in the 'fvcom.grid'...
jet.colorsGenerate a sequence of colors alog the jet colormap.
lines-methodsPlot an instance of the 'fvcom.grid' class and overlay the...
loadFVCOMGrid27Load an FVCOM grid from a NetCDF output file.
ocean.demo.gridAn example instance of the 'fvcom.grid' class.
pdd-methodsPlot the density of x and y on grid.
validFVCOMGridCheck if a 'fvcom.grid' instance is valid.
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