Man pages for ocp
Bayesian Online Changepoint Detection

const_hazardConstant hazard function
findCPprobsFind Set of Changepoints with Highest probability
gamesdataThis is data to be included in the package
gamesdatacountsThis is data to be included in the package
gaussian_initInitialize vectors for gaussian probability functions
gaussianProbCompute predictive probabilities based on Gaussian
gaussian_updateUpdate the gaussian parameters
initOCPDInitialize ocpd object
negbinpdfCalculate Negative-binomial on vector of parameters
ocp-packageBayesian Online Changepoint Detection for Multivariate Data
onlineCPDBayesian Online Changepoint Detection
plot.ocpPlot Object
poisson_initInitialize vectors for poisson probability functions
poissonProbCompute predictive probabilities based on Poisson
poisson_updateUpdate the poisson parameters
print.ocpPrint Object
str.ocpObject Structure
studentpdfCalculate Student PDF on vector of parameters
summary.ocpObject Summary
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