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Connect to ODBC Compatible Databases (using the DBI Interface)

dbConnect-OdbcDriver-methodConnect to a ODBC compatible database
dbListFields-OdbcConnection-character-methodList field names of a remote table
dbListTables-methods~~ Methods for Function 'dbListTables' in Package 'DBI' ~~
dbListTables-OdbcConnection-methodList remote tables
dbQuoteString-methods~~ Methods for Function 'dbQuoteString' in Package 'DBI' ~~
odbcOdbc driver
OdbcConnectionOdbc Connection Methods
odbcConnectionActionsList the actions supported for the connection
odbcConnectionIconGet an icon representing a connection.
odbcDataTypeReturn the corresponding ODBC data type for an R object
OdbcDriverOdbc Driver Methods
odbcListColumnsList columns in an object.
odbcListDataSourcesList Available Data Source Names
odbcListDriversList Available ODBC Drivers
odbcListObjectsList objects in a connection.
odbcListObjectTypesReturn the object hierarchy supported by a connection.
odbc-packageodbc: Connect to ODBC Compatible Databases (using the DBI...
odbcPreviewObjectPreview the data in an object.
OdbcResultOdbc Result Methods
odbcSetTransactionIsolationLevelSet the Transaction Isolation Level for a Connection
odbc-tablesConvenience functions for reading/writing DBMS tables
sqlCreateTable-methods~~ Methods for Function 'sqlCreateTable' in Package 'DBI' ~~
test_roundtripTest round tripping a simple table
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