API for odbc
Connect to ODBC Compatible Databases (using the DBI Interface)

Global functions
OdbcConnection Man page Source code
OdbcConnection-class Man page
OdbcDriver Man page
OdbcDriver-class Man page
OdbcResult Man page Source code
OdbcResult-class Man page
bigint_mappings Source code
choices_rd Source code
column_types Source code
computeDisplayName Source code
computeHostName Source code
connection_begin Source code
connection_commit Source code
connection_info Source code
connection_quote Source code
connection_release Source code
connection_rollback Source code
connection_sql_columns Source code
connection_sql_tables Source code
connection_valid Source code
createFields Source code
dbBegin,OdbcConnection-method Man page
dbBind,OdbcResult-method Man page
dbClearResult,OdbcResult-method Man page
dbColumnInfo,OdbcResult-method Man page
dbCommit,OdbcConnection-method Man page
dbConnect Man page
dbConnect,OdbcDriver-method Man page
dbDataType,OdbcConnection,ANY-method Man page
dbDataType,OdbcConnection,data.frame-method Man page
dbDataType,OdbcDriver,ANY-method Man page
dbDataType,OdbcDriver,data.frame-method Man page
dbDataType,OdbcDriver,list-method Man page
dbDisconnect,OdbcConnection-method Man page
dbExistsTable,OdbcConnection,Id-method Man page
dbExistsTable,OdbcConnection,SQL-method Man page
dbExistsTable,OdbcConnection,character-method Man page
dbFetch,OdbcResult-method Man page
dbGetInfo,OdbcConnection-method Man page
dbGetInfo,OdbcDriver-method Man page
dbGetQuery,OdbcConnection,character-method Man page
dbGetRowCount,OdbcResult-method Man page
dbGetRowsAffected,OdbcResult-method Man page
dbGetStatement,OdbcResult-method Man page
dbHasCompleted,OdbcResult-method Man page
dbIsValid,OdbcConnection-method Man page
dbIsValid,OdbcDriver-method Man page
dbIsValid,OdbcResult-method Man page
dbListFields Man page
dbListFields,OdbcConnection,character-method Man page
dbListTables Man page
dbListTables,OdbcConnection-method Man page
dbListTables,Teradata-method Man page
dbQuoteIdentifier,OdbcConnection,SQL-method Man page
dbQuoteIdentifier,OdbcConnection,character-method Man page
dbRemoveTable,OdbcConnection,character-method Man page
dbRollback,OdbcConnection-method Man page
dbSendQuery,OdbcConnection,character-method Man page
dbSendStatement,OdbcConnection,character-method Man page
dbWriteTable,OdbcConnection,character,data.frame-method Man page
enc2iconv Source code
has_names Source code
hidden_aliases Man page
lengths Source code
list_data_sources_ Source code
list_drivers_ Source code
new_result Source code
object_type Source code
odbc Man page Source code
odbc-tables Man page
odbcConnectionActions Man page Source code
odbcConnectionActions.default Source code
odbcConnectionIcon Man page Source code
odbcConnectionIcon.default Source code
odbcDataType Man page Source code
odbcDataType.Oracle Source code
odbcDataType.default Source code
odbcListColumns Man page Source code
odbcListColumns.OdbcConnection Source code
odbcListDataSources Man page Source code
odbcListDrivers Man page Source code
odbcListObjectTypes Man page Source code
odbcListObjectTypes.default Source code
odbcListObjects Man page Source code
odbcListObjects.OdbcConnection Source code
odbcPreviewObject Man page Source code
odbcPreviewObject.OdbcConnection Source code
odbcSetTransactionIsolationLevel Man page Source code
odbc_connect Source code
onLoad Source code
onUnload Source code
on_connection_closed Source code
on_connection_opened Source code
on_connection_updated Source code
result_active Source code
result_bind Source code
result_column_info Source code
result_completed Source code
result_execute Source code
result_fetch Source code
result_insert_dataframe Source code
result_release Source code
result_row_count Source code
result_rows_affected Source code
set_transaction_isolation Source code
show,OdbcConnection-method Man page
show,OdbcDriver-method Man page
sqlCreateTable,OdbcConnection-method Man page
sqlCreateTable,Oracle-method Man page
sqlCreateTable,Teradata-method Man page
sqlData,OdbcConnection-method Man page
string_values Source code
switch_type Source code
test_roundtrip Man page Source code
transactionLevels Source code
validateObjectName Source code
varbinary Source code
varchar Source code
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