Man pages for odfWeave
Sweave processing of Open Document Format (ODF) files

adjustImageSizeAutomate image size adjustments
announcecat and flush console
listStringConvert a vector to a textual list
matrixPasteElement-Wise Paste of Conforming Matrices
odfCatConcatenate and Print in Native ODF
odfFigureCancelCancel Display of a Figure
odfFigureCaptionProvide a Caption for a Figure
odfInsertPlotWrite XML for image inseration
odfItemizeWrite XML for one layer lists
odfPageBreakGenerate a Page Break
odfSetPageStyleSet the Page Style
odfTableCreate an Open Document Format table
odfTableCaptionProvide a Caption for a Table
odfTmpDirodfWeave working directory
odfWeaveSweave processing of Open Document Format (ODF) files
odfWeaveControlControl odfWeave options
pkgVersionsList packages currently used
PreProcTranslation of text to XML
RweaveOdfR/ODF Driver for Sweave
stylesStyle Definitions and Assignments
tableStylesGenerate Table Styles
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