Man pages for onion
Octonions and Quaternions

as.matrixCoerces an onionic vector into a matrix
associatorVarious non-field diagnostics
biggestReturns the biggest type of a set of onions
bunnyThe Stanford Bunny
cCombine onionic vectors into a single vector
condenseCondense an onionic vector into a short form
ConjOnionic conjugation
cumsumCumulative sums for onions
dotprodEuclidean even product
ExtractExtract or Replace Parts of an onion
lengthLength of an octonionic vector
namesNames of an onionic vector
NormNorm and modulus of an onionic vector
OilUnit onions
onionBasic onion functions
onion-packageManipulation of quaternions and octonions
Ops.onionArithmetic Ops Group Methods for Octonions
p3dThree dimensional plotting
plotPlot onions
printPrint method for onions
prodsVarious products of two onionic vectors
ReOctonion components
repReplicate elements of onionic vectors
roctRandom onionic vector
rotateRotates 3D vectors using quaternions
seqseq method for onions
strCompactly display an onion
sumSum of onionic vectors
tOnion transpose
transcendentalElementary transcendental functions
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