Man pages for openSTARS
An Open Source Implementation of the 'ArcGIS' Toolbox 'STARS'

assign_binIDsRecursive function to assign binary id to stream segments...
calc_attributes_edgesCalculate attributes of the edges.
calc_attributes_sites_approxCalculate attributes of the sites.
calc_attributes_sites_exactCalculate attributes of the sites.
calc_binaryCalculate binary IDs for each stream network.
calcCatchmArea_assignNetIDCalculate total catchment area of a stream segment and assign...
calc_catchment_attributes_rastcalc_catchment_attributes_rast Aggregate attributes for the...
calc_catchment_attributes_rast_reccalc_catchment_attributes_rast_rec Aggregate attributes for...
calc_catchment_attributes_vectcalc_catchment_attributes_vect Aggregate attributes for the...
calc_catchment_attributes_vect_reccalc_catchment_attributes_vect_rec Aggregate attributes for...
calc_edgesCalculate edges for SSN object.
calc_offsetCalculate offset
calc_prediction_sitesCalculate prediction sites for 'SSN' object.
calc_sitesCalculate sites for SSN object.
check_compl_junctionsCheck if there are more than two inflows to an outflow.
check_ssnChecking 'SSN' object.
correct_compl_junctionsCorrect junctions with three inflows.
derive_streamsDerive stream network from DEM.
export_ssnExport 'SSN' object
get_cats_edges_in_catchmentget_cats_edges_in_catchment#' Returns the cats of this and...
import_dataImport data into 'GRASS.'
import_vector_dataGeneric function to import vector data of various formats...
openSTARSopenSTARS: An Open Source Implementation of the 'ArcGIS'...
openSTARS_dataDatasets shipped with openSTARS
prepare_sitesSnap sites to streams and calculate attributes
setup_grass_environmentSetup 'GRASS' environment.
watershed_memoryCalculate RAM needed for deriving the stream network from DEM
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