Man pages for optpart
Optimal Partitioning of Similarity Relations

archiArchipelago Analysis
bestfitIdentify the Goodness-of-Fit of Cluster Members
bestoptBest Of Set Optimal Partitions From Random Starts
classmatchClassification Matching and Differencing
cliqueMaximal Clique Analysis
clique.testClique Test
clusteringClustering Object
compareCompare Species Constancy for Specified Clusters
confus(Fuzzy) Confusion Matrix
considerRecommendations for Possible Merging of Clusters
disdiamDissimilarity Diameters of a Partition
extractExtract A Specific Cluster Solution From A Stride
flexbetaCalculate a Flexible-Beta Dendrogram
gensilwidthGeneralized Silhouette Width
lambdaGoodman- Kruskal Lambda Index of Classification Association
maxsimsetMaximally Similar Sets Analysis
mergeclustMerge Specified Clusters in a Classification
murdochIndicator Species Analysis by Murdoch Preference Function
neighborNeighbor Analysis of Partitions
optimclassOptimum Classification by Counts of Indicator Species
optindvalOptimizing Classification by Maximizing Dufrene and...
optpartOptimal Partitioning of Dissimilarity/Distance Matrices
optpart.internalInternal Optpart Functions
optsilClustering by Optimizing Silhouette Widths
opttdevOptimizing Classification by Minimizing Table Deviance
partanaPartition Analysis
partitionConvert Object to Partition Object
phiCalculating the phi Statistic on Taxon Classifications
refineRefining a Classification by Re-Assigning Memberships
reordclustRe-order Clusters in a Classification
shoshsiteSite Data for the Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming, USA
shoshvegVascular Plant Species Cover for the Shoshone National...
silhouetteProduce a Silhouette Object From a Partana, Clustering, or...
sliceSlice a Hierarchical Clustering Dendrogram with a Mouse
strideStride: Producing a Sequence of Clusterings
tabdevClassification Validity Assessment by Table Deviance
testpartIdentify Misclassified Plots in a Partition
typalIdentification of Typal Samples in a Partition
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