Man pages for orderly
Lightweight Reproducible Reporting

orderly_batchRun a batch of reports.
orderly_bundle_packPack and run orderly "bundles"
orderly_bundle_pack_remotePack and import bundles with remotes
orderly_cleanupOrderly cleanup
orderly_commitCommit a generated report
orderly_configRetrieve orderly config object.
orderly_dbConnect to orderly databases
orderly_deduplicateDeduplicate an orderly archive
orderly_default_remoteSet default remote location
orderly_develop_startDevelop an orderly report
orderly_exampleSet up an orderly example
orderly_graphPrint the dependency tree for a given report using orderly...
orderly_graph_out_of_dateGiven a tree return a list of reports to be re-run (and the...
orderly_infoReturn info about a report which has been run
orderly_initInitialise an orderly store
orderly_latestFind most recent report
orderly_listList orderly reports
orderly_list_draftsList draft and archived reports
orderly_list_metadataList reports with only local metadata
orderly_logOrderly logging and diagnostic messages
orderly_migrateMigrate an orderly archive
orderly_newCreate new report
orderly_pull_dependenciesDownload dependent reports
orderly_rebuildRebuild the report database
orderly_remoteGet a remote
orderly_remote_pathOrderly remote at a different path
orderly_remote_statusGet status of remote queue.
orderly_runRun a report
orderly_run_infoInformation on current orderly run
orderly_run_remoteRun a report on a remote server
orderly_searchSearch for orderly reports matching criteria
orderly_test_startPrepare a directory for orderly to use
orderly_useAdd a resource to orderly.yml
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