orloca: The package deals with Operations Research LOCational Analysis models

This version of the package deals with the min-sum location problem, also known as Fermat--Weber problem. The min-sum location problem search for a point such that the weighted sum of the distances to the demand points are minimized.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorFernando Fernandez-Palacin <fernando.fernandez@uca.es> and Manuel Munoz-Marquez <manuel.munoz@uca.es>
Date of publication2014-06-02 22:17:02
MaintainerManuel Munoz-Marquez <manuel.munoz@uca.es>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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andalusia Man page
andalusia-data Man page
as.data.frame Man page
as.data.frame.loca.p Man page
as.data.frame,loca.p-method Man page
as.loca.p Man page
as.loca.p.data.frame Man page
as.loca.p,data.frame-method Man page
as.loca.p.matrix Man page
as.loca.p,matrix-method Man page
as,loca.p-method Man page
as.matrix Man page
as.matrix.loca.p Man page
as.matrix,loca.p-method Man page
as-methods Man page
contour.loca.p Man page
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orloca-package Man page
persp.loca.p Man page
persp,loca.p-method Man page
plot.loca.p Man page
plot,loca.p-method Man page
plot-methods Man page
plot.zsum Man page
print.loca.p Man page
print,loca.p-method Man page
rloca.p Man page
summary,loca.p-method Man page
summary-method Man page
zsum Man page
zsumgra Man page
zsumgra,loca.p-method Man page
zsuml2 Man page
zsuml2gra Man page
zsuml2gra,loca.p-method Man page
zsuml2,loca.p-method Man page
zsuml2min Man page
zsuml2min,loca.p-method Man page
zsum,loca.p-method Man page
zsumlp Man page
zsumlpgra Man page
zsumlpgra,loca.p-method Man page
zsumlp,loca.p-method Man page
zsumlpmin Man page
zsumlpmin,loca.p-method Man page
zsummin Man page
zsummin,loca.p-method Man page

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