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Operations Research LOCational Analysis Models

andalusiaCities of Andalusia S3 method to convert from loca.p to...
as.loca.pas.loca.p The following is for S3 compatibility, mainly for... S3 method to convert from data.frame to...
as.loca.p.matrixas.loca.p.matrix S3 method to convert from matrix to loca.p
as.matrix.loca.pas.matrix.loca.p S3 method to convert from loca.p to matrix
contour.loca.pPlots of the min-sum objective function
distsumComputes distsum function
distsumgraComputes the gradient of distsum function
distsuml2distsuml2 and distsuml2gra at orloca package
distsuml2mindistsuml2min at orloca package
distsumlpdistsumlp and distsumlpgra at orloca package
distsumlpmindistsumlpmin at orloca package
distsumminReturns the solution of the minimization problem
loca.ploca.p class for Operations Research LOCational Analysis
orloca-packageOperations Research LOCational Analysis Models
persp.loca.pPlots of the min-sum objective function
plotplot of loca.p class objects
rloca.pRandom instances generator of loca.p class object
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