add_osm_features: Add multiple features to an Overpass query

add_osm_featuresR Documentation

Add multiple features to an Overpass query


Alternative version of add_osm_feature for creating single queries with multiple features. Key-value matching may be controlled by using the filter symbols described in


add_osm_features(opq, features, bbox = NULL)



An overpass_query object


Character vector of key-value pairs with keys and values enclosed in escape-formatted quotations (see examples).


optional bounding box for the feature query; must be set if no opq query bbox has been set


opq object

add_osm_feature vs add_osm_features

Features defined within an add_osm_features call are combined with a logical OR.

Chained calls to either add_osm_feature or add_osm_features() combines features from these calls in a logical AND; this is analagous to chaining dplyr::filter() on a data frame.

add_osm_features() with only one feature is logically equivalent to add_osm_feature().


See Also


Other queries: add_osm_feature(), bbox_to_string(), getbb(), opq_around(), opq_enclosing(), opq_osm_id(), opq_string(), opq(), overpass_status()


## Not run: 
q <- opq ("portsmouth usa") %>%
    add_osm_features (features = c (
# This extracts in a single query the same result as the following:
q1 <- opq ("portsmouth usa") %>%
    add_osm_feature (
        key = "amenity",
        value = "restaurant"
q2 <- opq ("portsmouth usa") %>%
    add_osm_feature (key = "amenity", value = "pub")
c (osmdata_sf (q1), osmdata_sf (q2)) # all restaurants OR pubs

## End(Not run)

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