osm_lines: Extract all 'osm_lines' from an osmdata object

osm_linesR Documentation

Extract all osm_lines from an osmdata object


If id is of a point object, osm_lines will return all lines containing that point. If id is of a line or polygon object, osm_lines will return all lines which intersect the given line or polygon.


osm_lines(dat, id)



An object of class osmdata


OSM identification of one or more objects for which lines are to be extracted


An sf Simple Features Collection of linestrings

See Also

Other search: osm_multilines(), osm_multipolygons(), osm_points(), osm_polygons()


## Not run: 
dat <- opq ("hengelo nl") %>%
    add_osm_feature (key = "highway") %>%
    osmdata_sf ()
bus <- dat$osm_points [which (dat$osm_points$highway == "bus_stop"), ] %>%
    rownames () # all OSM IDs of bus stops
osm_lines (dat, bus) # all highways containing bus stops

# All lines which intersect with Piccadilly Circus in London, UK
dat <- opq ("Fitzrovia London") %>%
    add_osm_feature (key = "highway") %>%
    osmdata_sf ()
i <- which (dat$osm_polygons$name == "Piccadilly Circus")
id <- rownames (dat$osm_polygons [i, ])
osm_lines (dat, id)

## End(Not run)

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