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A Collection of Disease Outbreak Data

dengue_fais_2011Dengue on the island of Fais, Micronesia, 2011
dengue_yap_2011Dengue on the Yap Main Islands, Micronesia, 2011
ebola_kikwit_1995Ebola in Kikwit, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 1995
ebola_simSimulated Ebola outbreak
fluH7N9_china_2013Influenza A H7N9 in China, 2013
influenza_england_1978_schoolInfluenza in a boarding school in England, 1978
measles_hagelloch_1861Measles in Hagelloch, Germany, 1861
mers_korea_2015Middle East respiratory syndrome in South Korea, 2015
norovirus_derbyshire_2001_schoolNorovirus in a primary school in Derbyshire, England, 2001
sars_canada_2003Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome in Canada, 2003
s_enteritidis_pt59Salmonella Enteritidis PT59 outbreak
smallpox_abakaliki_1967Smallpox in Abakaliki, Nigeria, 1967
zika_girardot_2015Zika in Girardot, Colombia, 2015
zika_sanandres_2015Zika in San Andres, Colombia, 2015
zika_yap_2007Zika on the Yap Main Islands, Micronesia, 2007
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