Man pages for oxcAAR
Interface to 'OxCal' Radiocarbon Calibration

calcurve_plotPlots calibrated dates on the calibration curve
executeOxcalScriptExecutes an Oxcal Script
get_bpget bp values (ages)
get_cal_curveget calibration curve names
get_nameget names (labcodes)
get_raw_probabilitiesget raw probabilities
get_sigma_rangesget sigma ranges
get_stdget std values (standard deviations)
get_tidy_oxcalresulttidy output
is.oxcAARCalibratedDateChecks if a variable is of class oxcAARCalibratedDate
is.oxcAARCalibratedDatesListChecks if a variable is of class oxcAARCalibratedDatesList
oxcAARCalibratedDateoxcAAR Calibrated Dates Object
oxcAARCalibratedDatesListoxcAAR Calibrated Dates List
oxcalCalibrateCalibrates a 14C date using oxcal
oxcalSimulateSimulates 14C dates using oxcal
oxcal_SumWraps an Oxcal string into a Oxcal sum function
oxcalSumSimSum calibration for simulated dates
parseFullOxcalOutputParses an Oxcal Output File completely into R
parseOxcalOutputParses an Oxcal Output File into R
quickSetupOxcalQuick OxCal setup
R_DateReturns the Oxcal code for the calibration of 14C dates
readOxcalOutputReads the content of the Oxcal js output file
R_SimulateReturns the Oxcal code for the simulation of 14C dates
setOxcalExecutablePathSetting the Oxcal program path for further use
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