wrap_in_boundaries: Wrap OxCal commands in Boundary commands

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wrap_in_boundaries takes a set of Phases or R_Dates as vectors, and returns a bit of oxcal code that can be used to feed it into OxCal. In this code the Phases and/or R_Dates are interleaved and wrapped in OxCal Boundaries, the number of Boundaries is equal to the number of strings + 1. The resulting string starts with a boundary, than the OxCal strings from the vector are interleaved with Boundary commands. For details concerning the Oxcal simulation please consult the help page of Oxcal.


wrap_in_boundaries(phases_strings, boundary_names = NA)



a vector containing strings of OxCal code, usually consisting of Phase or R_Date commands, but any other code strings might be used that can be interpreted by OxCal inbetween a Boundary


a optional vector of names for the resulting Boundaries (length of phases_strings + 1). If not given, the boundaries are named with consecutive numbers.


a string containing the respective Oxcal code

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