Man pages for pCalibrate
Bayesian Calibrations of p-Values

BF2ppTransform Bayes factors to posterior probabilities
FCalibrateCalibration of two-sided p-values from the F-test in the...
formatBFFormatting of Bayes factors
LRCalibrateCalibration of two-sided p-values obtained from the...
p2zTransform p-values to z-values
pCalibrateCalibrations of two-sided p-values directly based on the...
pCalibrate-packageBayesian Calibrations of p-Values
tCalibrateCalibration of p-values from t-tests
twoby2CalibrateMinimum Bayes factors and p-values from Fisher's exact test...
z2pTransform z-values to p-values
zCalibrateCalibration of p-values from z-tests
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