Man pages for pRecipe
A Multiscale Framework for Data Analysis of Global Precipitation

create_foldersDirectory creator
crop_dataCrop precipitation data sets
display_dataDisplay available data sets
download_20cr20CR data downloader
download_allAll data downloader
download_cmapCMAP data downloader
download_cpcCPC data downloader
download_cru_tsCRU data downloader
download_dataDownload and import precipitation data from various sources
download_ghcnGHCN-M data downloader
download_gpccGPCC data downloader
download_gpcpGPCP data downloader
download_gpm_imergmGPM data downloader
download_ncep_doeNCEP/DOE data downloader
download_ncep_ncarNCEP/NCAR data downloader
download_preclPRECL data downloader
download_trmm_3b43TRMM data downloader
download_udelUDEL data downloader
dt_aggregateData table aggregation in space
dt_parallelData table weighted mean for parallel computing
import_full_dataRead precipitation data.table from database
import_subset_dataRead and subset precipitation data sets
merge_1836_1890Data integrator for 1836_1890
merge_1891_2020Data integrator for 1891_2020.
merge_timeData integrator.
plot_barPrecipitation bar plot
plot_boxPrecipitation box plot
plot_linePrecipitation line plot
plot_mapPrecipitation map
plot_matrixPrecipitation matrix
reformat_20cr20CR data reformatter
reformat_allAll data reformatter
reformat_cmapCMAP data reformatter
reformat_cpcCPC data reformatter
reformat_cru_tsCRU data reformatter
reformat_dataReformat the downloaded data sets into .Rds files
reformat_ghcnGHCN-M data reformatter
reformat_gpccGPCC data reformatter
reformat_gpcpGPCP data reformatter
reformat_gpm_imergmGPM data reformatter
reformat_ncep_doeNCEP/DOE data reformatter
reformat_ncep_ncarNCEP/NCAR data reformatter
reformat_preclPRECL data reformatter
reformat_trmm_3b43TRMM data reformatter
reformat_udelUDEL data reformatter
resample_dataResampling precipitation data sets
sd_20crDownload and reformat ensemble spread of 20CR v3 for...
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