context("extlib without packages")

test_that("with_extlib successfully works with no packages provided", {

  ## Make sure packrat mode is off
  if (packrat:::isPackratModeOn())

  orig_libs <- packrat:::getLibPaths()
  .libPaths(c(file.path(getwd(), "packages"), orig_libs))
  on.exit(.libPaths(orig_libs), add = TRUE)

  expect_identical(packageVersion("bread"), package_version("1.0.0"))

  # don't use packrat::on so we can avoid the initialization step
  packrat:::setPackratModeOn(auto.snapshot = FALSE, clean.search.path = FALSE)

  # Wildcard the quotes around 'bread'; newer versions of R emit "smart" quotes.
  expect_error(packageVersion("bread"), "package .bread. not found", perl = TRUE)

  expect_identical(packrat::with_extlib(expr = packageVersion("bread")), package_version("1.0.0"))



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