Man pages for padr
Quickly Get Datetime Data Ready for Analysis

center_intervalShift to the middle of each interval
closest_weekdayRetrieve the closest given weekday
coffeeCoffee Data Set
emergencyEmergency Calls for Montgomery County, PA
fill_by_functionFill missing values by a function of the nonmissings
fill_by_prevalentFill missing values by the most prevalent nonmissing value
fill_by_valueFill missing values by a single value
format_intervalMake a period character vector
get_intervalGet the interval of a datetime variable
padPad the datetime column of a data frame
pad_custPad with a custom spanning
pad_intPad the integer column of a data frame
span_aroundSpan an equally spaced vector around a datetime variable
span_dateWrapper around 'seq.Date'.
span_timeWrapper around 'seq.POSIXct'.
subset_spanSubset a spanned datetime vector
thickenAdd a variable of a higher interval to a data frame
thicken_custThicken with a custom spanning
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