BrooksKurtz: Brooks and Kurtz (2012) Replication Data

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Replication data for Brooks and Kurtz (2012). Data structure is panels of Latin American countries from 1983-2007. Data contains measurements of capital account openness, capital account openness diffusion variables, and a variety of economic and financial controls.




A dataframe with the following variables:

Dependent variable:

Diffusion variables, constructed to be a weighted average of the lagged outcome variable for all countries in a given government's “neighborhood”. Proximity is defined via a weight matrix W such that the diffusion variable is constructed as WY_{t-1}. The weight matrix differs across the following diffusion variables. See pages 112-114 of Brooks and Kurtz (2012) for details.



Brooks, Sarah M. and Marcus J. Kurtz. 2012. “Paths to Financial Policy Diffusion: Statist Legacies in Latin America's Globalization.” International Organization 66:95-128.

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panelAR. Run demo(BrooksKurtz) for examples which use BrooksKurtz.

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