LupPon: Lupu and Pontusson (2011) Replication Data

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Replication data for Table 2, “Determinants of Redistribution”, in Lupu and Pontusson (2011). Data structure is panels of OECD countries from 1969 to 2005. Data contains measurements of redistribution, various summaries of the earnings distribution, and controls.




A dataframe with the following variables:


Lupu, Noam and Jonas Pontusson. 2011. “The Structure of Inequality and the Politics of Redistribution.” APSR 105(2): 316-336.

Full dataset is available at:

See Appendix of Lupu and Pontusson (2011) for details of variable sources.

See Also

panelAR. Run demo(LupPon) for examples which use LupPon.

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