Man pages for parallelly
Enhancing the 'parallel' Package

as.clusterCoerce an Object to a Cluster Object
autoStopClusterAutomatically Stop a Cluster when Garbage Collected
availableConnectionsNumber of Available and Free Connections
availableCoresGet Number of Available Cores on The Current Machine
availableWorkersGet Set of Available Workers
canPortBeUsedCheck whether a TCP port can be opened or not
cloneNodeClone one or more nodes
cpuLoadGet the Recent CPU Load
find_rshcmdSearch for SSH clients on the current system
freeCoresGet the Average Number of Free CPU Cores
freePortFind a TCP port that can be opened
getOption2Gets an R Option or an Environment Variable
isConnectionValidChecks if a Connection is Valid
isForkedChildChecks whether or not we are running in a forked child...
isForkedNodeChecks whether or not a Cluster Node Runs in a Forked Process
isLocalhostNodeChecks whether or not a Cluster Node Runs on Localhost
isNodeAliveCheck whether or not the cluster nodes are alive
killNodeTerminate one or more cluster nodes using process signaling
makeClusterMPICreate a Message Passing Interface (MPI) Cluster of R Workers...
makeClusterPSOCKCreate a PSOCK Cluster of R Workers for Parallel Processing
parallelly.optionsOptions Used by the 'parallelly' Package
pid_existsCheck whether a process PID exists or not
supportsMulticoreCheck If Forked Processing ("multicore") is Supported
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