freePort: Find a TCP port that can be opened

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Find a TCP port that can be opened


Find a TCP port that can be opened


  ports = 1024:65535,
  default = if (getRversion() >= "4.0.0") NA_integer_ else "random",
  randomize = TRUE



(integer vector, or character string) Zero or more TCP ports in [0, 65535] to scan. If "random", then a random set of ports is considered. If "auto", then the port given by environment variable R_PARALLEL_PORT is used, which may also specify random.


(integer) NA_integer_ or a port to returned if an available port could not be found. If "first", then ports[1]. If "random", then a random port among ports is used. If length(ports) == 0, then NA_integer_.


(logical) If TRUE, ports is randomly shuffled before searched. This shuffle does not forward the RNG seed.


Returns an integer representing the first port among ports that can be opened. If none can be opened, then default is returned. If port querying is not supported, as in R (< 4.0.0), then default is returned.

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